Perdition Security stands at the forefront of cybersecurity and IT operations solutions, serving as a trusted partner for organizations of all sizes, including some of the world’s most expansive enterprises. We’re not just a service provider, but a custodian of your digital assets, keeping your networks and data safe and secure.

With years of hard-earned expertise, our professionals excel in navigating the intricate landscape of security threats. We don’t just address your needs – we anticipate them, delivering tailored solutions that meet your unique circumstances. Our understanding of the cyber challenges you face is deep and multifaceted, positioning us to safeguard your business against emerging security threats.

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Cybersecurity refers to the practices and procedures designed to protect computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from digital attacks, damage, or unauthorized access. It can also include measures to recover from such incidents.

Poor cybersecurity can lead to a multitude of risks, including data breaches, financial losses, damage to brand reputation, loss of customer trust, disruption of business operations, and potential legal liabilities.

An information security policy is a set of guidelines and procedures that directs how an organization should protect its physical and information technology assets. It typically outlines the responsibilities of various roles in the organization and sets out the standards for managing and securing data.

An Information Security Program is a comprehensive set of activities, policies, and procedures designed to manage and mitigate risks to an organization’s information assets. It often includes aspects like risk management, compliance, incident response, education and awareness, and ongoing evaluation and improvement of the program.


In today’s digital age, businesses face an ever-growing array of cybersecurity threats that can compromise their operations, customer trust, and bottom line. At Perdition Security, we understand these challenges and offer comprehensive solutions to secure your business in the cyber world. Our approach encompasses key aspects of business cybersecurity: Compliance, Risk, and Governance.


Regulatory compliance is a crucial aspect of cybersecurity. Businesses must adhere to various laws and regulations designed to protect sensitive data. At Perdition Security, we help you navigate these complex requirements, ensuring that your business not only meets but exceeds the compliance standards within your industry.
ISO 27001/2 | NIST 800-53 | FedRamp


Cyber risks can pose significant threats to businesses. From data breaches to system disruptions, these risks can have profound implications. Perdition Security provides comprehensive risk assessments and tailored strategies to mitigate these threats, protecting your business from potential cybersecurity hazards.


Effective cybersecurity governance ensures that your business has the structures and processes needed to manage cybersecurity effectively. Perdition Security can assist you in establishing robust cybersecurity governance, ensuring clear responsibilities, and accountability for maintaining a secure cyber environment.


Meet David Sampson, the heart of Perdition Security, blending protection with purpose. With over 8 years as a CISSP-certified expert in cybersecurity, David specializes in safeguarding non-profits, employing frameworks like NIST and ISO 27001 to combat cyber threats.

As a strategist, David integrates security into software development and system security, showcasing expertise in JavaScript, Python, and more. He’s adept in cloud security, particularly in AWS and Kubernetes, focusing on secure, innovative solutions for non-profits.

Under David’s leadership, Perdition Security champions a secure digital environment enabling non-profits to focus on their mission. Discover how David’s proactive, result-oriented approach can enhance your cybersecurity, supporting your mission in a secure digital world.

David Sampson
David SampsonFounder | CISSP