Strengthening Cybersecurity for Non-profits – Our Commitment to Protecting Those Who Do Good

Our Focus:

  • Understanding Non-profit Challenges: We know that non-profit organizations often operate with tight budgets and limited IT resources. Our initiative is designed to address these constraints, offering cost-effective and robust cybersecurity solutions that do not compromise on quality or comprehensiveness.
  • Customized Security Solutions: Each non-profit has unique needs and risks. Our team works closely with you to understand your mission, operational structure, and the sensitive data you handle to provide customized security plans that ensure you can continue your essential work without disruption.

A Legacy of Empowering Healthcare Non-profits

Perdition Security’s engagement with non-profit organizations extends deeply into the healthcare sector, where we’ve become a pillar of support for those who serve on the front lines of community health. Our collaborations across Canada are safeguarding the vital services that touch the lives of countless individuals and families.

Strengthening the Backbone of Community Health

In partnership with an array of healthcare non-profits, we’ve fortified the digital infrastructure that supports the distribution of crucial health information and services. Our cybersecurity solutions are tailored to address the sensitive nature of health data and the critical need for its protection.

Success in Solidarity

Our success is measured by the uninterrupted service of our non-profit partners and the secure handling of health-related data. The feedback we’ve received underscores our role not just as a service provider but as a strategic ally in the mission to deliver healthcare services safely and effectively.

Hours of Consultation Provided to Non Profits
Threats Mitigated
Training Sessions Conducted


In the digital age, non-profits are increasingly targeted by cyber threats, yet often lack the resources to defend themselves effectively. At Perdition Security, we recognize the critical work these organizations do and the unique challenges they face. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our Non-profit Initiative – a program tailored to bolster the cybersecurity defenses of non-profit entities at preferential rates.

Risk Assessments

Uncover and prioritize threats to safeguard your mission

Comprehensive Risk Assessments

Customized evaluations to understand and mitigate risks tailored to the non-profit landscape. Ensure your operations stay resilient against cyber threats.

Privacy Impact Assessments

Protecting sensitive data in line with top standards.

In-Depth Privacy Protection

Our assessments rigorously ensure the safety of donor and beneficiary information, aligning with global privacy regulations to keep trust at the core of your operations.

Vulnerability Management

Stay ahead of security breaches.

Proactive Vulnerability Oversight

Continuous support to identify, evaluate, and remediate vulnerabilities, keeping your systems secure and your non-profit resilient against evolving cyber threats.

Education & Training

Empowerment through knowledge.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Engage in our tailored training programs to cultivate a cybersecurity-aware culture, equipping your team with the knowledge to prevent and respond to cyber incidents effectively.

Strengthening Cybersecurity for Non-profits – Our Commitment to Protecting Those Who Do Good

Discounted Services for Non-profits

Elevated Security, Accessible Pricing

Non-profits are dedicated to their causes, and we are dedicated to ensuring their protection in the digital space. We offer special rates and discounts on our cybersecurity services, designed with the non-profit sector in mind. Our reduced pricing structure is dependent on the size and need of your organization, ensuring that even the smallest non-profit can afford top-tier security services. From risk assessments to education and training, our comprehensive services are priced to fit your budget and your specific needs.

Grants and Funding Assistance

Partnering for a Secure Tomorrow

We understand that navigating the landscape of cybersecurity funding can be complex and time-consuming. To support non-profits in this endeavor, Perdition Security offers guidance and assistance in identifying and applying for cybersecurity grants and funding opportunities. Our team keeps abreast of the latest programs and initiatives that non-profits can benefit from, working closely with your organization to secure the necessary funds to strengthen your cybersecurity posture.

How to Avail the Offer

Start the Conversation

Interested in learning more about our discounted services and funding assistance? We invite non-profit organizations to reach out through our special Non-profit Contact Form. This dedicated channel ensures that your inquiries are prioritized and addressed with the care and attention that aligns with our commitment to the non-profit community. Share your story with us, and let’s work together to build a secure future for your organization.

Be a Part of Our Initiative

Join the Community of Secure Non-profits

Your cause deserves protection, and we’re here to provide it. By partnering with Perdition Security, you’re not just safeguarding your organization’s data — you’re becoming part of a community of non-profits committed to a safer, more secure world. Use our Non-profit Contact Form to begin a conversation about your cybersecurity needs and learn how our special offers can contribute to the continued success of your mission.